Spark of Life Projects

International Spark of Life Creative Arts Project


What Ignites Your Spark?

The ‘Spark’ represents what gives and sustains life. The ’Spark’ comes from our inner source as a human being. It is what gives us the will and purpose to live. It is our life force also known as Chi.

This is an invitation to current and new friends of Spark of Life around the world to express what ignites your Spark of Life

This theme can be voiced through any form of creative arts such as poetry, paintings, song, music, dance, ceremony, choir, mosaic, pottery, collages, photography, videography, theatre, humour and much more. Contributions are invited from all ages and group projects are also welcome.

Watch this video from Spark of Life President, Hilary Lee, on this exciting project


This project is ideal for school groups and can include all cultural backgrounds and formats of creative expression.
Getting involved with this international project offers a great opportunity to connect with your local media and share your individual projects with your community. 

Submissions for the 2013 project have now closed.


For more information on this exciting project in 2014, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it