Introducing Spark of Life

Meet the Founder and President


(Hilary Lee, President (left) and Jane Verity, Founder (right) featured in West Australian August 2011)

Jane Verity and Hilary Lee are the driving forces behind the Spark of Life Philosophy. They are the voice of Spark of Life and their focus is on upholding its essence in all undertakings. Jane and Hilary both serve in an advisory capacity to the Governance Council of the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life.

Jane's gift is to extract profound truths and insights into the heart, mind, and soul that enrich human relationships and awaken others to their true full potential. Hilary's strength is to explore new science that supports the Spark of Life and expand the possibilities into a bigger picture both locally and globally.

Both women are driven by a passion to show the beauty and potential that lies dormant within each person with an optimistic view that it is possible for each of us to positively change the future. They are held in high regard by current leaders forging new ground in aged and dementia care worldwide.

Click here to read an article on Jane and Hilary from the West Australian newspaper August 2011.

Jane Verity

Jane Verity is the Founder and CEO of Spark of Life. She began the development of the approach in the mid 1990's and it was not until 2007 that Spark of Life as it is known today was launched. She is a world leader and pioneer in the emotional care of people with dementia. She has the vision and courage to challenge the status quo and create a world that ignites the human spirit.

Originally from Denmark and now living in Melbourne Australia, Jane is an Occupational and Family Therapist, a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has earned the highest international accreditation as a Professional Speaker. Jane has authored two internationally published books and regularly contributes to national and international conferences and journals.

Jane was also the first to bring person centered care to Australia and Scandinavia and has been instrumental in incubating the Eden Alternative into the Nordic Countries.

Hilary Lee

Hilary Lee is the President of Spark of Life. She has a focus on education, research and innovation working with international leaders who are agents of change in different fields. She has a vision for Spark of Life to bring profound solutions to global issues.

She has a background in Occupational Therapy and with her Masters Degree in Science, researching the Spark of Life at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia, added a whole new dimension to the approach.

Hilary has pioneered projects on how to ease the transition to residential care, early identification and prevention of depression, and a multidisciplinary approach to palliative care. In addition, Hilary has developed a new assessment tool with professors of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. In 2006, Hilary introduced the Society for the Arts in Dementia Care to Australia and recently edited a new book called Creative Approaches in Dementia Care by Macmillan Publishing.