Introducing Spark of Life

Spark of Life International Master Course

The Spark of Life International Master Course is the only course that certifies a person to educate in the Spark of Life within their own workplace. This enables them to positively influence the lives of many residents, clients and patients. Graduates can implement the Spark of Life Philosophy and can take their facilities on the journey to become a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

The unique value of this International Master Course is that it enables one person to learn all that is needed to implement the Spark of Life Approach within all levels of an organisation and with all clients. It is about creating a culture where everyone works together towards dementia rehabilitation in an atmosphere of love and appreciation.

The Spark of Life  Master Course has been undertaken by participants from 8 countries including members of Native American and Aboriginal communities. The approach is moving to new fields outside dementia care such as mental health, intellectual disability and Autism.

Watch this introduction from Spark of Life President, Hilary Lee.



Watch the Honorable Helen Morton MLC speak at the 2013 Spark of Life International Master Course.



Watch 2012 scholarship recipient Occupational Therapist, Allison Rolfe describe how the Master Course transformed the way she cares for her clients.



'The Spark of Life Philosophy has made a huge difference in my life and for me it has become a beautiful frame around everything I have learned and everything I have valued as a person, as an Occupational Therapist and a Licensed Practical Nurse. It has also made a difference in the lives of people with dementia where I live and work. I could tell you many wonderful stories about how they have come out of their shell, told stories, sung songs, danced and shown all kind of physical and emotional expression that have really touched the heart and soul of people around them.'

Hrefna Brynja Gisladottir – Iceland  

'Our Occupational Therapist, Helen Delmonte completed the inaugural International Spark of Life Master Course...(and) the course content definitely provided Helen with all the knowledge, tools and skills to practically apply the Spark of Life Approach.

In April 2012, our Achievement of Continuous improvement and Excellence ratings was far higher than previous audits and recognition was given to the part Spark of Life has played in growing our organisational culture.'

Ann Coughlan - CEO - Mercy Parklands - New Zealand


Visit the Dementia Care Australia website for more information on the Spark of Life International Master Course.

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You can make a direct difference to the lives of people with dementia in the community and in aged care homes by donating to the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life.  The Foundation enables people, regardless of their financial situation, to have access to education on Spark of Life, in particular the International Spark of Life Master Course.