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Help Bring Spark of Life to Nigeria

The Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life has recently provided life-changing scholarships for 4 Spark of Life Master Practitioners in Africa, two from Uganda and two from Zambia. These scholarships enable these people to undertake the International Spark of Life Master Course, to connect with like-minded social justice pioneers and be able to implement the comprehensive Spark of Life Education back in their countries. (click here to read more about Spark of Life in Africa) 

Olayinka_AjomaleIn October 2016 we have the opportunity to support two more African pioneers bring Spark of Lifeto their country. Olayinka Ajomale is the Executive Director of the Centre on Ageing in Ibadan, Nigeria. His centre supports senior citizens including people with dementia and he has a special focus on preventing elder abuse in the community. 
His vision is to set up an outstanding Spark of Life Centre of Excellence and bring the Spark of Life Philosophy to the care of people with dementia in Nigeria. Olayinka Ajomale met Jane and Hilary at the 2015 IAHSA conference in Perth, which is where he heard about Spark of Life and realised this philosophy was what he was looking for to transform the understanding of dementia in Nigeria. Through Spark of Life he plans to educate the local community on  what dementia is, to dissolve negative perceptions around dementia and how to provide emotional and social support for the large, growing population of elderly Nigerians, especially in the rural communities.
Please help us make it possible for a scholarship to be made to Olayinka and one of his professional team members to attend the Spark of Life International Master Course in October 2016.