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Every Step Can Make a Difference - Barbara Reed


Barbara Reed from Perth shows how easy it is to raise funds for this special cause!

Earlier this year I was looking to participate in the HBF ‘Run for a Reason,’ a unique fun run in Perth, WA that raises money for the charity of your choice. I was then fortune to meet a truly inspirational woman, Dr Ros Worthington, a well-known philanthropist and the founder of Make A Wish Foundation in Australia. We chatted about raising money for our most needy and vulnerable people and I asked her advice in selecting a charity for my fun run.  As its WA Ambassador, Ros put me in touch with the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life.   

After speaking with the President of Spark of Life, Hilary Lee, and visiting the website,, I gained a much greater understanding of dementia and how the Spark of Life Philosophy was creating such a positive difference to those with dementia and their carers, families and friends. I felt even more committed to add my support.

So next I let my friends and family know all about the fun run and the Dementia Foundation through Facebook, emails and chatted about the upcoming event to all and sundry. I called my little one-man team the ‘Sparklers’ and was pleased to raise $320 for the foundation.  On the day I walked, with thousands of others supporting their own ‘Run for a Reason’ causes, I felt proud with every step that my efforts would help someone else.

For me personally, I have now decided to continue assisting this worthy foundation into the future.  I am sure everyone has skills and experiences that can help – even in the smallest way. I am ready, willing and able.   I look forward to my next walking/fundraising event on the radar, which is the City to Surf in Perth at the end of August 2015.  I am determined to find some more ‘Sparklers’ to join in and raise awareness and increase donations!

A special thank you to Ros, Hilary and the team at Spark of Life for enabling me to take a step towards bringing hope to those living with dementia.

Barbara Reed