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Dancing For Dementia - Anika's Fundraising Project


In early 2014, while chatting about Spark of Life with her much loved Grandmother Neeni, Spark of Life Children's Ambassador Anika shared her dream to make ‘Dancing for Dementia™’ her next fundraising project for the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life.  

This sparked an 18 month amazing journey that involved12 year old Anika choreographing, directing, producing and editing a YouTube video to launch this 12 month fundraising and awareness campaign. With her Dancing for Dementia™ YouTube video Anika  inspired everyone to come on board and also to show how dancing and getting together with friends can be a lot of fun and  bring a sparkle to everyone’s eyes.

You can support Anika to make her dream come true by helping raise funds to bring the ‘Spark of Life’ to all of those with dementia by:anikadancers

  • Donating directly to Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life
  • Getting together with family and friends for a dance and turning it into a fundraising event. 
  • Organise a fundraising event at your workplace. It could be Dancing for Dementia™ or something else creative. The most important thing is to have fun. Such an event could also be a great reason to connect with your local media and have your fundraising story shared in your local community.

Here are a few Dancing for Dementia™ fundraising ideas:

  • A birthday party where everyone could either pay to dance with the birthday person or, before all the dancing starts, you could auction a set number of dances with the birthday person, with the highest bidder getting the dance
  • Ask for donations instead of presents
  • Everyone could pay to be part of the event
  • You could role a dice before each dance and whatever number comes up is the equivalent $ amount that each person pays to be part of that dance.Melissaanika_check_footage

We would love to invite you to share your creative ideas of how you have fundraised for Dancing for Dementia™ and we will post it on the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life Website with an acknowledgement.  Please note we are not able to upload video where copyrighted music is used.

The Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life aims to raise $1M to educate carers in the Spark of Life Philosophy,  that profoundly enables carers and families to transform the lives of people with dementia, restoring hope and zest for life. It is Anika’s dream to help the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life achieve this goal.Thank you for supporting Anika reach her dream. In Anika’s words, ‘Every single dollar raised will help bring a sparkle to the eyes of people living with dementia.’