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A Special Appeal - Creating a New Future for People with Dementia

Dear Spark of Life supporters,

The Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life raises funds for education on the Spark of Life Philosophy that is about enriching the lives of people with dementia, their families and carers.  

A Spark of Life Master Practitioner is able to educate in this philosophy and can reach hundreds of people making a profound difference in many lives.  

We invite you to view this special video of Bianca Briggs, a foundation scholarship recipient and Master Practitioner in community care telling her story of how important the scholarship was and the fantastic results she has achieved by being a Spark of Life Master Practitioner.  The video also features Spark of Life President Hilary Lee, who speaks about the purpose of the foundation.  

Bianca Briggs   Master Practitioner 
Bianca Briggs Master Practitioner
Support can be provided in many different ways directly and indirectly though helping spread the word about Spark of Life and the work of the Foundation, through sharing with people in your sphere of influence.  


We sincerely thank you for any support that you are able to provide.